Friday, August 28, 2015

Spring travels 2014 Moab and Hawaii

We love spring and summer. It is our favorite time of year and there is always so much to do! There is never enough time to fit it all in.
We went to thaw out in Moab for a while, always a favorite!


This spring we celebrated my mom's 60th birthday with an amazing trip to Hawaii. We stayed at the Aulani Disney Resort and cannot say enough about how amazing that resort is. The adults loved it, the kids loved it.....even with a stomach bug that sidelined half the crew for a bit. They have every detail covered from food to numerous lifeguards to pristine beaches and calm lagoons to swim and snorkel in. This is not how we usually travel, but with a big group (kids outnumber the adults) we would do it again in a heartbeat.

The boys were very brave and snorkeled out to the rocks. They were rewarded with awesome sea turtles! Lucky little stinkers. I didn't get to swim with turtles till I was much older.

The only thing that didn't go our way at Aulani was that they don't allow people to bring their own SUP. I hauled that thing all the way from CO and I was going to use it!! So we rented a car and took a tour over to Lanakai, that was a good move! It is one of the most beautiful beaches and protected smooth water we have seen. The other being the huge wind surfing bay in Bonaire. We enjoyed a fabulous breakfast and morning paddling, surfing and building on the beach.

Modee gave it a try, swam a bit and got back on for more. I think she is hooked.

We circled around the island and met the Blakney's in Waikiki. A friend of ours from high school, Billy, lived nearby and was such an awesome surprise addition to our trip. He and his lovely wife hooked us up the entire time! He even let Trevor take a spin on his Harley...true love for Trevor:) We played in the waves and built more elaborate sand structures. The kids loved boogie boarding.

We also got to hang out with our friends from Telluride. Joanna and the kids came to play with us at the resort and had us over for dinner at their beautiful home in Honolulu. Colter, Roark, Reese and Dylan were tiny playmates when we lived in the Boulders and it was fun to reconnect.

Trevor and I were able to take a scuba dive day. It was a slower time there so we had the fabulous dive boat all to ourselves! The diving was pretty good, we saw some fish, coral, turtles and a little closer than necessary. Mostly it was just great to be underwater again, it has been too long.

Modee's official birthday dinner. Happy Birthday Modee!

We couldn't leave without a picture with Minnie!

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